Fashion Unisex Face Mask (Reusable) - Pink

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  • Breathable ; Skin-Friendly: Mouthguard mask is made of high quality polyurethane materials, can filter small particles from the air and protect you from fog, smog, dust, odours, vehicle exhaust and air pollution. These masks are soft, skin-friendly and breathable, ideal for people with skin sensitive allergies.
  • Highly Elastic ; Comfortable. The 3D structure made of elastic material prevents suppression and feels perfectly in any face shape. Gentle wearing comfort that will not hurt your ears even if you wear it for a long time.
  • One Size Fits All. The dust face mask measures about 28cm x 13cm and is wide enough to cover nose, mouth and face. It offers excellent protection. With stretchable elastic ear loops for a tight fit, the face masks prevent them from leaving marks on your face after taking off. They are easy to wear and take off.
  • Reusable. Face masks are not disposable masks, but environmentally friendly masks, which can used repeatedly. It has a shape memory effect that will not lose its shape even after repeated washing, and is less expensive than disposable masks.
  • Multi-Purpose. Face masks are your companion and help you protect against dirt, dust, fog and smog while you work, running, cycling, at home, cleaning pets and dogs, grinding and drywall or other indoor or outdoor activities. In addition, it protects you from cold and moisture."



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